I know everything.
I'm Donna.
I'm not apologizing for who I am.


Rick rolling your dashboard because you know I’m never gonna let you down.


There’s some ships you ship… that have massive amounts of shippers right along with you. Then there’s the ships… those ships you have that are near and dear to your heart where you’re in a fucking canoe with like… four other people.





"You look like you are in need of some chunky monkey."


"Oh you know me well Donna.."

"That I do, which is why I have a whole bucket of chunky monkey in the fridge, with your name on it."

The weekend is gone, why, donna and i are not amused but what can you do


"But if I do that, I won’t get to see the look on everyone faces as I lose more clothes. You think after seeing me naked ten times they would get bored."


"And yet, you are still taking off your clothes. Even after ten times, you have yet to gte bored. Besides, who gets bored of looking at art, see I’m smooth."

Fantasy AU - Laira and Donna


A light sleeper by nature, the okeanid was even more aware of sounds away from her natural element. The sounds and smells of the forest were not those that she was accustomed to. That meant a light rest, though not all together unpleasant. She’d dosed off into a harder cycle of sleep when Donna woke her by moving to her side. She was getting to her feet as Donna spoke and firmly on them by the time it was completely from her mouth. She’d already reached for the blade next to her pack.

"It is approaching fast," she murmured, listening for the sounds of her cousins. A few had remained, though most had chosen to flee. Nymphs were typically not fighters by nature, but the fact that they had all seemed to flee in such haste made Laira worry.

Donna turned to the side, waving her hand at the fire, causing it to rise up, illuminating farther than just their clearing. Whatever was rushing towards them must be able to see in the dark, so extinguishing would do them no good. 

"It can’t be too big or it would be making more noise, it would be crashing into the trees." Donna muttered, slinging her bag onto her back. The howl that split the silence was their answer. The responding howls informed of how many wolves there were. 


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         how long have we been waiting in
               this queue for?  it is christmas yet?

"More importantly, why are we still waiting? Remind me again why I am here."



"We are having to be discreet for now," she admitted. "Neither of Hal’s nieces are aware that I am expecting. We need to explain things to them before we begin in drastic redesigns." Laira didn’t think that Helen would have any difficulties with the news about the baby. She wasn’t certain about Lian, though. "Once that is properly addressed, and we know the sex, I imagine we both will indulge in purchases." There had been a little white stuffed dragon with lavender accents that she’d stopped herself from purchasing when she’d found the horse and tiger.

"They produce them in larger sizes?" she asked. She’d not looked the store over very closely, only browsing here and there for potential items or ideas. "I was unaware of that."

"I look forward to coming back and seeing all of this all done and stuffed with all kinds of things." Donna grinned as she imagined the nursery bursting with all kinds of baby things. There probably wouldn’t be room for the baby. Laira’s question had Donna pausing. 

"You didn’t know? You’ve never seen them in the stores? Well, they can be hard to find. But, yes, they have toy horses, that are like little ponies. Actually, they sell toy ponies the actual height of ponies. I mean, if htey huge giant teddy bears, they have huge horse toys."


Alex pursed his lips for a moment as he thought, grinning as he watched her go for the wine. “Well.. People who eat pizza look like teenagers mostly. And single guys in their twenties who live with like three roommates. Bachelors, obviously. Girls at slumber parties..” He shrugged. “Not like assistants to hotshot lawyers. Definitely not.”

Covering his eyes with his hands, he peeked through his fingers as Donna opened the closet where she kept her stash of alcohol, chuckling at her joke. “Don’t worry, I’m not looking.” Once the wine was on the counter, he reached for the bottle, reading the label before he poured. “Nice choice.”

"What do assistants to hotshot lawyers eat oh Alex, he who knows everything. Also," Donna laughed, because alright, so his list of people who ate pizza made sense. But who didn’t eat pizza? She leaned on the counter and reached out to grasp one of the wine glasses.

"Thank you, I know it is. Now we just have to wait 20 minutes for the pizza." 


"We generally wear the same size, depending on the cut of the clothing. It’s no trouble to let you borrow things." At least Donna returned her clothes. Whenever Iolande or Soranik borrowed them, they had the tendency to never be seen again.

"When are you supposed to return to New York?" she asked. She shifted into the outer most lane in preparation to exit the freeway. Their exit wasn’t that far ahead.

"Which helps when buying gifts," Donna remarked with a grin, but quickly fell when she thought about going back to New York. She enjoyed New York, and of course, she missed her people over there. Sometimes, some of them could be a handful. And by some, she meant Harvey and Louis and sometimes Mike. 

"I have two more months here before I go back to New York. I’ve been here longer than usual, not sure if Jessica will be fine with sending me out here so soon after I get back."