I know everything.
I'm Donna.
I'm not apologizing for who I am.

Your muse finds mine asleep at their desk. How does your muse wake mine?

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"Indeed they are," Laira smiled. "I thought that they would brighten your workspace."

"Thank you, I guess my workspace did need a little brightening, didn’t it?" Donna beamed, taking the flowers 

The First to Know



"It is adorable." Donna chirped, but then she paused, "If a bit annoying for you at times I’m sure, but adorable nonetheless." 

"Perhaps you should tell him that at some point," she commented. "It may prompt him to lessen his displays."

"Well then, in that case I’ll make sure to insert it into a conversation," Donna grinned. "He worries about us plotting."



"You need to worry less, it’s not good for your health."

"Thank you, Dr. Oz."

"I prefer Wizard of Oz, and it is still true. You need to worry less."

"I missed you."



"Even with all the texting we did?" Donna teased, taking a seat next to Mike on their trusty bench. It felt like old times, like before Mike had left for Seattle…but better. They were all in a better place, mostly. 

"I missed you too," she admitted with a smile, passing over Mike’s cup of coffee. 

Mike nodded. “I needed the time, but I’m not leaving again. Even if, somehow, things go wrong, I can get something at another publishing house, go into legal mediation - since no degree’s required - or whatever. I’m not leaving again.”

He stretched a little, making his pant leg ride up to show the flower wreath inked around his ankle.

"Good, you better not be leaving again." Donna nodded, quite sternly, knocking her leg against his. She glanced down to catch a glimpse of something, a tattoo?

"You got another tattoo I see," she was curious. 


Mike laughed. “Yes, but then we’d have to find out which aliens abducted the real Harvey and where they put him.”

"We could be in an episode of the X-Files," Donna said as she finally got out of bed. 




[text] you know, you aren’t that terrible of a boss

[text] I’m going to visit my family

[text] in Hawaii, and lounge out at the beach 

[TEXT] Alright. You can have the week to visit family.
[TEXT] No beaches, though.

[text] Tell that to my mom



"I like cheesy. You like cheesy too." Donna giggled, wrapping her arms around Andie’s waist. "I know, just like I love you."

"We’re like an extra cheese pizza!" Andie laughed, kissing her softly. "Good. Now, have we decided on colors for the wedding yet or are those still up for debate?"

"I thought we were doing a light green with white?" Donna tried to think on what exactly they had settled on. 

Donna’s grandma called her Robbie, never Donna, except for one conversation a week before Donna’s grandmother passed away.